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Report Card on American Education: 21st Edition

The status quo is not working. Whether by international comparisons, state and national proficiency measures, civic literacy rates, or career preparedness, American students are falling behind. The 21st edition of the Report Card on American Education ranks states on their K-12 education and policy performance.

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Budget Heroes

States that improved their NAEP performances while decreasing or holding steady their per-pupil spending were awarded the "Budget Hero" award for their stewardship of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

State Grade Per-pupil Spending
Arizona B+ $7,737
Mississippi C- $7,894
Nebraska D $11,638
Oklahoma C+ $7,690

Budget Busters

States that made large increases in spending and actually went backwards in academic performance assessments were awarded a “Budget Buster” award.

State Grade Per-pupil Spending
Colorado C $8,901
Delaware C $12,723
Michigan B- $10,172
New Jersey C+ $16,933

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