The state's grade is based on six factors: state academic standards, charter schools, homeschool regulation burden, private school choice, teacher quality, and digital learning. Because the Education and Workforce Task Force at ALEC focuses the most on private school choice and charter schools, those factors were given double weight in the calculation over overall rank and grade. The weighted grades were converted into a GPA average and an individual rank.

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Colorado is a Budget Buster

States that made large increases in spending and actually went backwards in academic performance assessments were awarded a “Budget Buster” award.

Report Card Ranking


Overall Grade   C (2.0)
Overall Ranking   27th
State Academic Standards   A
Charter Schools   C
Homeschool Regulation Burden   C
Private School Choice Programs   --
Teacher Quality & Policies   C-
Digital Learning:   C

Historical Data

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
ALEC Overall Grade   B B C+ C+ C C C
ALEC Overall Rank   -- -- -- -- -- -- 27th
State Academic Standards   B- B- A- B B B A
Charter Schools   B B B B B B C
Homeschool Regulation Burden   C C C C C C C
Private School Choice   -- -- F F F F --
Teacher Quality & Policies   -- D+ C C+ C+ C+ C-
Digital Learning   -- -- C- D+ D+ D+ C



Performance Rank   5th
Math (4th Grade)   242
Math (8th Grade)   286
Reading (4th Grade)   224
Reading (8th Grade)   268

Historical Data

2009 2011 2013 2015
Performance Rank   17th 4th 5th 5th
Math (4th Grade)   243 244 247 242
Math (8th Grade)   287 292 290 286
Reading (4th Grade)   226 223 227 224
Reading (8th Grade)   266 271 271 268

Education Spending


Per-pupil Spending $8,901
% From Federal Funding 8%
% From State Funding 44%
% From Local Funding 49%

Historical Data

2013 2015
Per-pupil Spending $8,647 $8,901
% From Federal Spending --% 7.5%
% From State Spending --% 43.5%
% From Local Spending --% 43.5%

Demographics & Achievement

Graduation Rate 71%
Average Class Size 17
State Population 0
Per Capita Income $--
School-aged Children 0
Graduation Rate 71%
Average Class Size 17

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