Maine Virtual Academy staff lends helpful advice for learning at home: WABI

Posted on:April 16, 2020

Remote learning isn’t new to everyone.

While many are learning at home for the first time students enrolled in one of the state’s online schools aren’t really seeing much change.

“I like to say we could run our school from the moon if we had an Internet signal,” says Dr. Melinda Browne, Maine Virtual Academy Head of School.

For five years MEVA has been providing a tuition-free online public school education for kids in the state.

“Our school is grade seven through 12, 100% online charter school,” says Michael Susi, MEVA Academic Advisor.

“Our school is organized to accomplish all of its goals that are laid out to us by our authorizer, the Maine Charter School Commission,” says Dr.Browne.

While they’ve had to reorganize some things from home, it’s been business as usual during the pandemic. They have some tips they use year-round to help students be as successful as possible while learning at home.

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