School choice left undone: Jim Waters

Posted on:April 20, 2020

It’s not only what the legislature does but doesn’t do which greatly impacts multitudes of Kentuckians and their families.

During the just-completed session of the General Assembly, Frankfort’s all-wise political class once again passed over a tax-credit scholarship policy which would give Kentucky’s low-income families the choice of providing their children a private or parochial education.

This scenario is now going on five years as the GOP — particularly the House’s version — has not only failed to use their legislative supermajority to give parents meaningful choices but in some cases has actually blocked or intentionally slowed progress toward more educational liberty — despite the fact that most states long ago passed up Kentucky in their menu of school options for families.

Even before COVID-19 struck and uprooted this year’s General Assembly session, a group of House Republicans banded together to block a scholarship tax-credit policy from moving forward.

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