Podcast: Use virtual learning during COVID-19 w/ K12 Inc.

Posted on:April 7, 2020

Following national school closures due to COVID-19, all schools have been forced to transition to remote learning. In this episode of Across the States, host Dan Reynolds is joined by Jeff Kwitowski, K12 Inc. Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy Communications; Dr. Tony Bennett, K12 Inc. Senior Vice President of Academics and External Relations, former State Superintendent in Indiana and Commissioner of Education in Florida and Scott Kauffman, Director of the ALEC Education and Workforce Development Task Force.

Listen in on their discussion around how the pandemic has impacted online schools and the U.S. public education system, and what educators and policymakers should be thinking about now to rise to the challenge.

Visit the K12 Inc. website for free resources: www.k12.com/coronavirus

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